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The Westshore Warehouse Schedule

Do you want more information on which Fitness Classes are best for you? Are you crunch for time but still want to fit your fitness training into your schedule? Check out our complete schedule below.

5:30am#hardcore BootcampBootcamp#hardcore Bootcamp
6:15amHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse Fit
9:00amHouse FitHouse Fit
9:15amHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse Fit
10:30amWarehouse Kettlebell Club
NoonHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse Fit
1:45pmYAH YogaYAH Yoga
4:30pmHouse FitHouse Fit
5:00pmWarehouse Kettlebell Club
5:30pmHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse Fit
6:30pmHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitHouse FitWarehouse Kettlebell Club

HOUSE FIT – A total body strength and cardiovascular conditioning class that includes dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and other various tools.

#HARDCORE BOOTCAMP – Hardcore because we meet at 5:30 am! Expect a mixture of circuit training, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. This class is on Mon/Wed and at the studio on Fridays. Please ask for more details on the outdoor schedule.

KETTLEBELL SPORT TRAINING – A Kettlebell sport specific class focusing on building endurance and strength for longer kettlebell sets. A specific technical focus on the jerk, snatch and long cycle in prep for competition or for a more skill-focused workout. One month of kettlebell training recommended in preparation for this class. *Additional Fee

YOGA – Stretch. Strengthen. Breathe. Balance. Relax. Keep your mind, muscles and joints happy with this Vinyasa inspired Hatha Flow class!

YAH YOGA – For the Young At Heart! A yoga class designed for beginners and those who want to bring a spring back in their step

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