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Owner and Co-Founder of the Westshore Warehouse

Camosun College Bachelors Degree in Sport and Fitness Leadership

Camosun College Diploma in Exercise and Wellness

Corissa recognizes how instrumental consistent exercise has been for her own physical and mental wellbeing, and is on a mission to help others experience these benefits. She found her passion in kettlebell sport and founded a kettlebell team, Team Snatch Attack in 2014.

Corissa aspires to provide an inclusive and encouraging environment for her clients, from beginners to athletes, and aims to make exercise fun! She strives to help her clients discover their individual strengths and puts a strong focus on functional training. Corissa believes that when you move better and move often, you feel better.


  • Master of Sport in 24kg TA Triathlon
  • World Record Holder in 16kg TA Biathlon-overall weight category
  • Gold medalist 16kg TALC 2017 IUKL World Championships


Owner and Co-Founder of the Westshore Warehouse

Head Coach of the Warehouse Kettlebell Team

House Fit Instructor, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher


BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation and Health Education

Sarah Hunter also known as the Mighty Squirrel (formerly mouse) is well known for her high energy and enthusiasm. Sarah’s mission is to help people push past their self-defined limits. So don’t be deceived by her big smile and all the compliments she gives you – she’s secretly looking for ways she can challenge you.

Sarah has personal experience with challenging her limits. Sarah was heading down a dark path in her teen years, but changed her life around when she began using exercise as an outlet. What started with a few Pilates DVDS, evolved into running, weightlifting and eventually kettlebell sport.

Recognizing the role exercise played in changing her life, Sarah shared her story to over 150 girls, and taught kettlebells to over 70 girls at Power of Being a Girl in 2017. Sarah now leads Strong Girls Club at the Warehouse, where she teaches preteen girls how to train using dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, and their bodyweight.

Aside from training, Sarah is a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. Sarah believes that small changes can lead to big results, which she’s seen through the mental and physical changes her clients have experienced. While she will encourage you to eat more vegetables, she strongly believes in treating yourself to the occasional cookie too.


  • Kettlebell Sport World Record Holder for 53kg weight class in 16kg two arm long cycle (TALC)
  • Candidate Master of Sport in 16kg TALC and triathlon


House Fit Instructor

Strong Girls leader

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