• Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in for a class?

Register online here.

What do I wear?

You are required to wear appropriate workout gear and athletic footwear.

Is there a fee to join the facility?

NO! Unlike other gyms, The Westshore Warehouse is a private Personal Training Studio, meaning the only commitment you have is between you and your trainer. NO MEMBERSHIPS, NO HASSLE!

What payment options do I have?

Monthly credit card processing or cheque payments.

Can I trial the programs before registering?

Absolutely, you can drop in to try any of our classes.

I find gyms too crowded and I don’t feel comfortable working out with so many different people watching me.

The only people that will be training in the facility at The Westshore Warehouse are clients along with their independent trainers. There are no monthly members so there are never crowds or waits for equipment.

Why choose a Personal Trainer over a regular gym membership?

Having guidance from an educated and experienced Personal Trainer will allow you to reach your health and fitness goals in a safe and effective way. Better results in less time!

Personal Training seems too expensive for me.

We offer a wide variety of options for any age, and lifestyle so that you can maximize your results, whatever your budget is!

I’m a Personal Trainer, can I train at your facility?

Absolutely, we offer a private training facility for you to bring your clients in. We also are pleased to offer the option to rent the entire facility out by the hour should you require this.